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Some things never change....

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One of my more embarrassing moments as a kid occurred in the fall of 1969 when an eleven year-old FreeThinker was caught in his bedroom by his mother dancing to Sugar Sugar, by the Archies.

Fast forward to about ten minutes ago, and 54 year-old FT was just caught in his bedroom by his mother getting down to Martha and the Vandellas, Dancing in the Street. Oh, my... :redface:

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Oh boy. I remember hearing "Sugar, Sugar" growing up. (I was 3 in 1969, but I'd remember it from the 70's.)

Yes, I know that version of "Dancing in the Street," but my generation probably mostly remembers the cover of it by Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

I'm all in favor of dancing and playing air guitar, and I don't care if anybody sees. Well, not that, anyway. ;)

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Note that "Sugar Sugar" was co-produced and performed by Ron Dante, who appears in that video. I have long suspected that Dante is gay, but have no evidence beyond his long association with Barry Manilow, and a messy breakup with their professional partnership in 1978. Dante also had several other hits as a performer, including "Tracy" (under the fake-group name The Cuff-Links) and "Leader of the Laundromat" (The Detergents); he's a very talented guy.

Important advice for FreeThinker: get a lock for the bedroom door.

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Ron Dante was certainly cute enough to be gay! And, I just got to see Barry Manilow recently. It was one of the best concerts I've ever attended. And, Blue, I remember playing a mean air guitar to "More Than a Feeling" in the parking lot at school my senior year. :accordion[1]: Oh and Stairway to Heaven!

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Want embarrassing? Try walking in on your dad and his partner singing and dancing to a Ronan Parke video.

Aww, that's cute! Think about it... you'll be doing the equivalent someday.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Dang it, my link to AwesomeDude Radio seems to have disappeared or isn't working. I'm looking where I'd saved the URL for the web radio stream. -- I miss it, even if I don't check in often enough.

Drat, the link I had saved appears to be the same. No such luck.


The link I had was outdated. Dude got me rockin' again.

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Listening right now at work. So much better than the Weather Channel, but that may be damning with faint praise. Oh, well, let me rephrase this--- Awesome Dude Radio is Awesome! OMG- ABBA! I'm dancing behind my desk and I think the security camera is catching every hideous writhing motion. Oh, the horror. Oh, the humanity.

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