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Poem: Life's Listless Litany

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Hi all, I am Sean just joined the site. Check out my poem and let know what you think.

Senseless or sensible suicide

Saluting the sepulchral silence

Sundering seductive songs spell

Solitude sways the soul to sleep

Deaths determined delirium

Dousing doleful depression as

Dire doldrums derisively drawl

Dark dusk demands deathly deed

Bravely besting life?s jest

Bleed blood to blissful burst

Brandish bestial bayonets just

Banishing black bigotry to dust

Goodbye to fatal fears

Goodbye to fanatical faith

Goodbye to fantasized future

Goodbye to phantom freedom

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Thanx for the warm welcome, I appreciate it. For the record, this poem was my experiment in rhyming. I wrote it in one of my darkest moments.

I hope all those who read it, look at its literary value (if at all there is any) rather than the feelings/import it conveys. I know it is impossible to separate the both, but I want it known that its not my intention to influence the readers towards negativity.


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