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Crossing Swords with Bryan Fischer of the AFA

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Bryan Fischer is the mouthpiece for the American Family Association- an anti-gay hate group that is under scrutiny by right-wing watch and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I can't let an asshole like this go unchallenged. So I called his radio show and asked him:

Given the Christian bible has maybe six verses that might be about homosexuality and thousands more about other sins, why do you focus on it? Why don't you focus on divorce, adultery, drunkenness- the more popular sins that do more social damage?

Her asks me- Are you a fag?

My answer- That's none of your business and there's a perfectly valid question on the floor.

Fischer: OK so you're a fag. The answer is that there are no Pride parades for the other sins.

Me: I don't think so. The reason why so many preachers focus on homosexuality as a huge sin is simple: there are very few gay people. Probably around 5% of the population. When preachers gay-bash, they don't alienate many people. However- if they rail against the evils of divorce, that's half the congregation. If they bash drinkers, or weekend casino guests or shifty businessmen- they risk alienating the core of their congregation. Gays are "low hanging fruit"- easy targets for preachers with no consequences that allow them to rail against sin- just not the sins that are popular with their congregations.

Fischer: hangs up.
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I guess he taught you a lesson, didn't he? When you talk to assholes all you get is a bunch of S**T.

This man is no preacher, he's a fundraiser for the Christian right. OMG, there's a fag under your bed, send me money. The message would be laughable if all he had was a soapbox to stand on. But these ignorant morons (no offense to the real morons out there) have all the money they can wring out of the God business to spend. Perhaps we could send his home address to the Taliban.

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Good job, James! I wonder if anyone heard it and listened? If they were tuned in to that a**hole in the first place, they may well be beyond redemption. But it had to have felt good, and the fact he couldn't refute you and so just hung up instead shows he's not used to talking to intelligent people with a point to make.


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Bryan Fischer is a tool of the Devil. He has been converted to Satanism by Lucifer so he can spread Hell's message of hate and claim it comes from the Bible. The only part of the Bible Bryan Fischer believes in is Revelation 9:11 and Psalms 88:11 where it describes who Bryan Fischer actually is: Apollyon, the destroyer, the angel of the bottomless pit.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Serious Side:

Good job, James. Well put.

Colin, I think you might be onto something, there. Just why is it that people claiming to worship a God of love, mercy, forgiveness, and tolerance are so eager to hate love of their fellow human beings? Answer: Perhaps they're confused on just which side they're cheering for, there. If people say, "God hates..." then perhaps they've got the wrong Big Guy in mind. My two cents from a gay and Christian perspective.

Humorous Side:

OMG, there's a fag under your bed

Where, where?! I could be missing out on...well, a lot of nice things there. If he's shy, this could be a good thing.

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Humorous Side:

snapback.pngChris James, on 08 July 2012 - 04:52 AM, said:

OMG, there's a fag under your bed

Only one under the bed?

Damn, the others must have gone home, already.

I know we started with more than one.

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I can't let an asshole like this go unchallenged. So I called his radio show and asked him...

Wow, kudos to you, James. You have major cojones. Good show -- and a great argument. I wish he would've kept you on the line longer.

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Wow, kudos to you, James. You have major cojones. Good show -- and a great argument. I wish he would've kept you on the line longer.

I got the distinct impression that he was only interesting in "preaching to the choir".

Difficult questions weren't welcome.

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