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Rainbow's End by Lugnutz

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Rainbow's end is Lugnutz's (why do I always giggle when I type his name?) second short story - the first being Dragstip, which was part of Midnight Dude: Selected Readings - purchase your copy here!

Written as part of the Sanitaria Springs collection of stories, Rainbow's End is a tale of wistfulness and yearning that has a feelgood ending which left me happy and smiling.

What more could you want from a short story?

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Thanks to Lug for a totally believable and very sweet addition to the Sanitaria Saga. Every time I thought it was going to end, another layer of story appeared that added to its charm. He even got a Jeep into it.

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I'm part-way through Luggie's Tale and enjoying it. Luggie needs to write more.

I'd get more reading and writing done today, but it keeps coming up with heavy thunderstorms.

Loved the sand blocks. Heheheh.

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Very, very nice. The people are real and the read is easy. You've added some interesting new characters to Sanitaria Springs that others can incorporate in their tales.

I'll bet you actually did the sand blocks thing when you were a kid. I would have if I'd had a source of sand. The snow part is a no-go; we don't get snow in our part of the continent.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Guest Dabeagle

Great job Luggie! It came along way from the rough drafts you started with and I can tell you did a ton of work, new writing and some great ideas. Well done!

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