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Oh Kirk...

Guest Dabeagle

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No, celebrity is not at all what it used to be. Perhaps the very first celebrity-performer, Franz Liszt, was a charismatic pianist who drew a frenzied following during his lifetime. We are told that women fainted at the sound of his music and snatched at his garments after concerts. Any relic of the great man — even his discarded coffee grounds — was snatched up by rabid fans. Yet he managed to develop a rich, productive and thoughtful career.

Liszt was a prodigious composer of works in almost every genre, an acknowledged master conductor, a skillful writer, and perceptive critic. He transcribed for the keyboard songs, operatic excerpts, and symphonic masterpieces of other 18th and 19th century composers. He was an influential piano teacher who reportedly never charged for lessons.

Unfortunately, his example for how a celebrity-performer might conduct a professional career in the public eye does not seem to have caught on.

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Kirk just feels guilty for getting freaky on the casting couch back in the day. That's what it took to cast a no talent piece of shit like him as anything more than a murder victim.

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Never enjoyed seeing the guy as a performer, he always came off as a bad actor. I seemed to feel a little swish in his step since most guys don't walk across a room and then stop to pose like he always seemed to do. Perhaps it is best he isn't gay which might give the rest of us a bad name. He can go strike a pose in hell for all I care.

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"Non-Cognitive Elite" sounds so much better than "bubble-headed bleach blond," don't you think? (Eagles or Don Henley song reference.)

I still think ol' Kirk was severely turned off by all those guys drooling for him back in the day. Never mind that it wasn't just older men, it was also guys my age, right around Kirk's age, older and younger. Yes, I may have been questioning and conflicted and in the closet, but that didn't stop me noticing a good-looking guy. (Ahem, cute and/or hot boy.) Never mind too that other male teen idols from then didn't get all freaked out over "gay cooties" and bristle and start spouting hate. So, Kirk, lighten up, dude.

I don't know if ol' Kirk has any gay feelings he's nervous about. Just because he was that handsome doesn't mean he was or is gay or bi.

But whatever's going on inside, I wish he'd have a moment of true enlightenment and realize how much he's being hateful and exclusionary (neither are supposed to be Christian) and I wish he'd get over it. 'Cause he's truly being a jerk.

However, "non-cognitive elite," hahahaha, yeah, I can get a good chuckle or three outta that.

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