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Scout's Honor

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It does seem that despite the homophobic stand of the National Boy Scout Council that some scouts still have their sense of honor:


I was only in Boy Scouts for a couple of years, but they didn't give merit badges for what I learned on those dark woodland nights in a tent.

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I was never a scout, but my big dad was. He has a frame in his study with a bunch of badges in it. He has always said the idea behind the scouting program was never meant to exclude any boy. Quite the contrary, it was meant to include all boys to teach them all the things a young man would need in life.

I think these leaders are way off in left field.

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I was a boy scout for a number of years up until my sophomore year in high school. Scouting taught me many things that are extremely valuable in life...honesty, courage, teamwork, and the most important was a sense of self reliance...a feeling that 'I can do it.'

I had never heard a homophobic remark in the scouting of my day. In fact, I didn't know that the Boy Scouts of America even had a 'no gays' policy until recently when it became news.

I still believe in scouting and what it can teach a young boy about how to be a man with integrity.

I pray that they haven't started preaching around the campfire yet.

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They don't need to preach.... it's now common knowledge that the Boy Scouts of America excludes gay scouts and leaders. Gay kids fail the 'morally straight' test. I don't think the Scouts should anymore be considered a positive experience for a boy or young man who is afraid to be himself. What could he learn... all the great things he can be if he's just straight? Like Richard, it wasn't an issue when I was a Scout.

I applaud the straight Scouts who are coming forward more and more to speak out against the bigotry. And the municipalities who are withdrawing support for Scouting organizations who have until now had free rent on offices and campgrounds. Now they are clearly identified as a 'private organization' If they cannot serve all young people they should not get special treatment.

Also, I applaud the many local United Fund organizations that have pulled funding and President Obama for not taking up the role of Honorary Scout Leader that traditionally goes with the title of President of the United States.

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The sad part about this incident is that this one issue is going to divide the scouting membership just as it has the Christian churches.


It has become very obvious that the churches involved in scouting are using the organization as a recruiting tool. The Catholic church alone seems to have 1/4 million boys in scouting. (see figures below)


I am all for separation of church and state so I believe that any free use of taxpayer owned facilities or land needs to be withdrawn from scouting use. Perhaps after the church is finished paying off all those priestly abuse debts they will be able to afford scouting. And while I am on the subject, where is the proof that gay men and boys involved in scouting offer any risk of sexual abuse to the other boys? I mean, isn't that the reason they don't want gays in scouting? But they do let priests go on camping trips, don't they?

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I was wondering... Does anyone know if the other organizations within the Boy Scouts around the world hold with these bigoted policies of the Boy Scouts of America? I know there are Sea Scouts, and Rangers, and others too.

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I was impressed about 6-7 years ago when no less than Steven Spielberg (who was a former Boy Scout) said he would stop contributing to the organization until they reversed their anti-gay stance.

I was in the Explorer Scout program for a couple of years, and the people I knew there were basically good folks. But there is a bit of a religious agenda going on in the background of a lot of American Boy Scout activities, and it's no secret that the Mormon church is a huge influence (and financial backer) of the group.

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Here's another link that should knock the smug smiles off the far right wing-nuts if they but bothered themselves to read it. http://freethought.m...ingfathers.html

Rick, that document that you linked for us is fantastic. Thank you!

Colin :icon_geek:

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I read it as well, and was surprised by the quotes there. About all I know about early American history was from the movie 1776, which I worked on several times (for months) in the early 1990s. No question, our founding fathers were a lot more heretical and flawed than some people want to believe. Franklin was my favorite of all of them -- what an iconoclast.

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I never made it past the first night of a cub scout meeting when they tried to make me take an oath that included "God" in it. Kind of embarrassing for the Pastor that his son refused to swear to God, but I always held the belief that if God is truly omnipotent, he already knew my intentions.

Now, as a manager for a little league team and a board member of the local little league I often have to stand on the basepaths and recite the little league pledge which starts with "I trust in God". I don't recite that line of the pledge - and yes people notice it big time. Half my team stopped repeating it by the last game of all-stars - but they weren't kicked off the team, removed from the league or ineligible to play the game. Some organizations have a little more respect for their members than others.

No, I don't think little league should remove that first line of the little league pledge - it's an important part to many members and has historical, intrinsic value to the organization. Nor do I think they should kick out people who don't recite the line. In fact I like the approach they take, leaving it up to the individual to choose to recite that part, but everyone is up there standing on the basepath. It's a compromise that respects diversity while supporting sportsmanship and teamwork.

Oh, and yes, my local little league does include sexual orientation in its non-discrimination policy. The boy scouts should take a lesson from little league baseball on this subject.

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Oh, and yes, my local little league does include sexual orientation in its non-discrimination policy. The boy scouts should take a lesson from little league baseball on this subject.

I would never have played baseball this year if they did not have that policy! I'd have stuck to sandlot ball.

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The Boy Scouts should learn a lesson from the Girl Scouts of the USA.

As a private organization, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. respects the values and beliefs of each of its members and does not intrude into personal matters. Therefore, there are no membership policies on sexual preference. However, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. has firm standards relating to the appropriate conduct of adult volunteers and staff. The Girl Scout organization does not condone or permit sexual displays of any sort by its members during Girl Scout activities, nor does it permit the advocacy or promotion of a personal lifestyle or sexual preference. These are private matters for girls and their families to address.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I need catchers! What is it with kids these days? None of them want to catch...although shortstops that can actually understand when to cover 2nd come a close 2nd. :)

Us shortstops catch almost as much as the guys behind the plate! And, it's not just 2nd base... a lot of guys forget 3rd, too! I get a good workout every time I play.

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