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The Magic Cap

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As I watched the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies of the London Olympics, I was brought literally to tears by the voice of a nine year-old boy singing the hymn "Jerusalem," the lyrics of which are a poem by William Blake. It is the unofficial hymn of England and one of the most beautiful patriotic songs I have ever heard.

One of the reasons this song means so much to me, aside from my being an American of English descent, is that the hymn plays an important part in one of the most beautiful stories I believe has been posted on Nifty. Written by a friend of mine named John Teller, it is The Magic Cap, the story of two teenagers in the north of England coming of age during the nineteen-fifties. The protagonists are 17 and 14, though the story is posted in the Adult/Youth section. It is NOT an adult/youth story.

John has captured what it meant to grow up in the English class system of the fifties, in the gritty poverty and the comfortable bourgeoisie of the era. The reader is immersed in the youth culture of the period, the popular music, the sports, the rigid discipline of all-male government schools. And, it is a beautiful love story, much of which is autobiographical.

I strongly urge our members to read this wonderful love story. http://www.nifty.org.../the-magic-cap/

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