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This really is not a story, or a funny, or even a joke. Lately I have been feeling very uneasy because I knew my Dad was trying to make a very serious decision. Whether to stay in the military and get booted upstairs to Washington D.C., or retire to stay in his teaching position and be a full-time dad.

Earlier this year my dad was involved in a helicopter crash in Turkey while on foreign duty. His injuries were minor compared to the many who lost their lives, but it scared the shirt out of me and my brothers. When he was released from the military hospital to come home, he promised me he would retire.

Today, Dad went to a local base hospital and had the cast removed from his arm, so he is whole again. Last night he and I had a long talk about why he had stayed in the military as long as he had, even if he was bi-sexual... and now partnered for life. He stayed because he felt he owed his country for the many good years they had supported him, many of the most recent involving adopting me in a foreign country. He stayed to earn as much money as he could, to provide a good home for me and my brothers.

I know what I was feeling was totally selfish. I am sorry, but I just wanted my dad home and safe. I can live anywhere, any way, as long as I have my family.

Today, when he returned home he showed me the filled out and approved retirement papers! Now he can sit on the veranda and sip mint juleps, while the chilluns surround the colonel and bring him what ever he wants.

<sigh and smile>

Thanks for listening... it was important.

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Terrific news! I know you are thrilled. Though I like DC, I can see how a horse farm in Mississippi might be more fun for a teenager! I am so happy for you and for Paco. You could use some stability now.

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That's great, Paul. Home with you guys is where he belongs now. Life isn't just service for your country; it's also service for your family.

Take advantage of that.

Colin :icon_geek:

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