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Review for Card's Latest: Earth Unaware

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Earth Unaware- 1 star

Bad sci-fi happens when you use good characters, steal from Heinlein (the prospector ships and families were right out of Citizen of the Galaxy) and wander aimlessly for a few hundred pages.

Worst of all- the book ended 150 pages too soon and left far too much unresolved.

Why even bother talking about the United Nations commandos?

Why drop names in a couple of places and not use them?

All in all, this book was a train wreak.

It doesn't really give any useful insights into later events and, dare I say it, seemed like a mercenary attempt to cash in on the fans and popularity of Ender's Game.

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Our trash recycler takes books, paperback and hardbound, for recycling. They'll turn the pages of Card's latest into something useful, like toilet paper perhaps.

Colin :icon_geek:

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