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I'm with Dave, unable to view the thing and a message saying I'm lacking. It doesn't like me. Why it would like Des and neither Dave nor I boggles the mind. Maybe only Englishmen, or wannabe fake Englishmen can view it.


Beware the power of the arboreal Orangutan's tree-nets. :shock:

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How do dirty blonds feel about their characterization? What about rotten blonds and stinking blonds? I was once described as a hideous red and an obnoxious red. And, of course, in the sixties, conservatives used to chant, "Better dead than red." Perhaps a more politically correct term for "dirty blond" could be created. We must be culturally sensitive to the dirty blonds in our midst for theirs is a difficult and troubled life for no other reason than they look... dirty.

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On a serious note, I know exactly what Camy is writing about. I have difficulty sometimes with hair color in a story and I've gone to Wikipedia to look up different colors. This chart is exactly what I've needed in the past. I will save it. Thank you very much, Camy. This is a big help!

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My hair color is a mix of C-2, C-3, C-4, and C-6. It also gets lighter and darker depending on the amount and quality of sunlight, whether I've just had it cut or it's gone shaggy, and whether it's wet or dry.

This will be useful. Thanks, Camy.

Colin :icon_geek:

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We need Paul's opinion here. He's a blond. Other than that, I can't name a shade. But he'd know how much fun he has, and how dirty he is.


I am in-between dirty and light blond... a weightless sex addict. Paco's on the other hand is a beautiful chestnut brown with natural highlights of orange curling about the mass. Yep, I am a hair guy... love playing with it!

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