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Guest Dabeagle

I'll try to make this soapbox moment short. I have owned two beautiful, friendly, loving beagles. They love their people, in fact my current beagle, Chance, does what I call 'the beagle-meld' getting as close as he possibly can to you, and then aiming for just a bit more. So when I saw this image today...


I immediately went to check my shampoo. I was sick to my stomach as I realized that what I use in the shower daily had been tested on a helpless animal, maybe even a beagle like my very own. Here is a link to pdf files of companies that test, and those that do not - please - consider using this list when you make your shopping choices.

Peta List

And if any of you are moved to get more information or to get involved in some way, here is The Beagle Freedom Project's page.

And I'm off my soapbox, thanks for reading.

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Thanks, I didn't know. I do now and I'll be checking the list.

BTW, dabeagle, been reading your stories. Love them. I've been writing to your email address and its been kicking back. You may want to check and see if your mailbox is full.



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Thanks for the information. I have been using products that don't use animal testing for some years, but it pays to keep checking on the companies as they do change ownership and policies from time to time.

I do however, approve of testing lubricants and use my animal, known as the de facto husband, for that purpose. He's made no complaints so far.

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