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Oh the irony anti-gay tea party lawmaker crashes boat..


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Sometimes the righteous need to be humbled. I would pity the man and what the law and the lawyers are about to do to him, but them I am just one of those gays he despises so much. At least this isn't something he can blame on the "gay agenda." As for something positive, at least no children were killed by his foolishness...and his political career probably was.

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Earlier this year Dwyer supported a ballot measure to strip lawmakers of their office when found guilty of serious crimes which Maryland voters will decide on in November.

If Dwyer is found to have committed an offense and the ballot initiative is successful he may find himself out of office under the law.

One can only hope that the law passes. Unfortunately, I don't live in Maryland so I can't vote yes just to get rid of this AH.

Colin :icon_geek:

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chococatsanrio (signed in using yahoo)

Unfortunately not-- even if he's charged at all the most he can be charged with are misdemeanors, no felonies unless (heaven forbid) someone dies.

This idiot, who posted under the article obviously has his head in the sand. Operating a motorized boat under the influence of alchohol is definitely a felony, causing mayhem with injuries is a felony, and if like he mentioned... someone dies, then it would be manslaughter!

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