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Mike's unwell

Alien Son

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Mike has picked up a flu bug that's rampaged through his rehabilitation facility, and is unwell at present.

He's hoping to be fully recovered within the next week or so. If you've emailed him and are waiting for a reply, please be assured that he'll get to you as soon as he can.

- John


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Unfortunately, the Flu can run rampant in facilities. Having worked in Health Care for years. They can make sure staff get the Flu Shots and that the Residents/Patients are vaccinated. But you can't make family and other visitors get the shots. Thus the flu can spread.

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Oh, bloody hell. Poor Mike. Cole says it best:

On 12/4/2022 at 4:01 PM, Cole Parker said:

Hang on, Mike.  This too shall pass.

Yep. 2022 and all its rottenness will pass into memory faster than the fastest thing.

And 2023 will... WILL WILL be a great year!

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Hi, Camy

Sorry to take so long to reply. I spoke with Mike by phone this morning, and he sounded much better than he did last time we spoke. He says he's feeling a lot better now.

He's well enough to be wanting to get back into work on the site -- and that's very encouraging!

- John

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