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Thoughts on Ever Present (1978).


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Thoughts on Ever Present (1978)

by Camy

Envious I am

of a man so at ease

with his sexuality

- who posits his own

sexual mores with more than

gay abandon.

As some deal with bespoke cupoard love and

others spatter the journey with angst,

he dabbles with the entire lip-smacking buffet.

Damn! ;)


Bi Janus writes some remarkable poetry. I was trying to think what to say when he posted Ever Present (1978) ... and the above came out. In reality our sexuality is but a tiny part of who we are as individuals, and yet it's a HUGE part, too -- from the discovery of 'it' to the realisation of where we personally fit in, in the grand scheme. To be truly bisexual must be an amazing thing, and yet sex isn't love....

Hmm, I don't know quite what I'm trying to say here, though I'm as sure as it was on the tip-of-my-tongue that whatever it was was profound. :smile:

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I know what you mean. I have had it on the tip-of-my-tongue, too...more than once, and it is - a taste much sweeter than honey or wine.

And you're right..."Damn"...if you haven't inspired me. :hug:

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