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Medical Castration for Gay Cure???


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Just so everyone is clear, the Brethren are a fringe organisation here in Australia, though they seem to wield political power way above their numbers. They make the news from time to time with accusations of being a cult, but nothing has ever been done about them.

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More on the Brethren, scroll down to read who the Brethren are:


I remember a local furore over the Brethren way back in the sixties, if I remember correctly, when several families were broken up. I thought some political intervention was investigated back then, but I can find no reference to it.

I can vouch for at least one aboriginal family who were affected by the cult, but both those men have since died.

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Sterilization and castration as a means for state-enforced population control and elimination of socially disadvantaged population groups is, alas, both wide-spread and well-established. While the most heinous examples of this are to be found in the sorry history of the Third Reich, many nations including the United States and Canada have practiced state-sanctioned sterilizations. Here are some references:



One bitter example alone taken from the links above is enough to break even the most hardened heart: 'The most notorious incidents of these illegal sterilizations occurred at the Indiana State Reformatory, an institution for delinquent boys. Between 1899-1907. Dr. H.C. Sharp, the institutional physician in charge, experimented on most of his young inmates to develop a new surgical sterilization procedure for males, the vasectomy. Altogether, Dr. Sharp sterilized at least 465 young men.'

Everlasting vigilance is our only protection from crimes against humanity.

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