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Australian PM singes Christian Lobby group over gay remarks


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I'll admit that I'm a little surprised at our Prime Minister's remarks (she's a politician, after all, and there are more Christians in Australia than there are homosexuals), but I'll also say that I'm also surprised at my surprise. Some politicians here really do know what's right from wrong... occassionally. Unfortunately, they don't make a habit of doing that.

More background information on what happened:


And as even more background, the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) is not affliated with any of the main Christian denominations, though none have explicitly disowned their statements (as far as I know). They really are a political lobby group and have their own views on what it means to be "Christian".

As a request, please remember that I consider myself to be a Christian and don't lump me, and other Christian gays, in with the ACL.

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It's daft suggesting smoking is akin to being gay - and a feeble attempt at insinuating sexuality is a choice. It seems there's a lot of daftness about in the ACL and it should be stopped! Immediately ... with medication, daftness aversion therapy, and/or lobotomies. :alien[1]:

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