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Lorin Wey- Exultate, jubilate Mozart K165


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I truly believe that the English church choir program is responsible for such wonderful music. Throughout the years I have viewed many young choristers and appreciated the talent and the voices. Lorin Wey is a product of the church choir system, and when he solos you can see the high quality of his voice.

America is filled with children's choirs, but they lack the training found in the English system. There is also less focus on the classical music available for boy sopranos and altos. YouTube features many of these boy choirs, or perhaps you might find them at: www.boysoloist.com which has a very extensive database.

No matter where they learn the music, I will always see the value in teaching children to sing. My current favorite is, and perhaps shall always be Libera. This song gives me chills:

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Much the same can be said about live theatre which had been an all male culture since the days of the ancients.

I know that that sounds misogynistic, but the theatre was built around male perceptions that are being displaced by female values. It isn't that both cannot live together, but the male culture has certainly been displaced for some time, in much the same way that all male choirs have.

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Our laws must be different. There is no law here than girls must be allowed into boys' choirs. The law here demands equal opportunity. If a school or other organization has a boys' choir, it doesn't have to admit girls, buyt it does have to provide a choir opportunity for girls with the same funding, the same teaching excellence, the same practice and performance facilities.

It thing this is eminently fair. It's done wonder in athletics, which is a the most obvious area where this law has worked. There are now thousands of young girls participating in sports programs where in the 70s there were very few. Fair is fair, and I'm for this change.

I woudn't want to see boys' choirs decimated, either. But it doesn't have to happen here.


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I agree completely with everything that's been said. The English choir is a treasure that must be saved. Lorin Wey and his older brother Terry, however, were Swiss-American and attended school in Bern and Vienna. Still, the English Boy Choir is what God listens to.

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However we view music, I am still an avowed supporter of boy's choir, chorus, singing groups. Listen to any adult choir in the world, perhaps the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and the sound of female sopranos cannot hold a candle to the purity of voice found in a boy soprano. Add girls to the sound and you have spoiled my listening pleasure.

Many a classical composer seemed to understand this and wrote music just for such voices. Alas we all know the changes that are wrought by puberty, but in the time allowed a well trained boy cannot be outdone just as a well trained ear knows the difference.

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