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Windows 8 - release preview


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I've spent the last couple of days installing, and playing with, windows 8 on two computers. My netbook (32bit), which came with windows 7 basic, is now flying. As is another laptop (64bit dual core) that had the truly awful vista.

The windows 8 release preview is free to try out and lasts until 16th January 2013 when you either buy it - apparently it's going to be inexpensive (whatever that means) - or revert to your original system.

Apart from always starting up with the new 'metro' interface - on the final version you'll be able to choose where it boots to - the desktop on 8 is very similar to windows 7.

It's not a steep learning curve, and it's fast! I also haven't had any problems with software: everything I installed that ran on 7, runs happily on 8, too.

My view, after the short time I've used it, is that it is well worth trying out*.


*Remember to download the correct version for your computer (32bit or 64bit).

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