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Gay Boy Scout, Bullied by Troop, Denied Eagle Rank


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The (former) boy scout is Ryan Anderson. He lives in Moraga, a few miles from where I lived and where my parents and sisters live in the San Francisco East Bay. His middle school fully supports him, as do the members of his (former) boy scout troop. This is typical of the boy scouts. Because they violate Federal non-discrimination laws, they shouldn't be allowed to be tax-free. Think if their tax-free status was challenged what a wonderful stink it would create!

Colin :icon_geek:

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been told by an American friend that someone who obtains the rank of Eagle Scout in the boy scouts is entitled to an automatic stripe, and accompanying pay raise, upon successful completion of basic training in the military (don't know which branch).

If this is true, and especially given the now sanctioned membership of gays in the military, then how is this legal? For the military to recognize this in such a way, it would seem it gives the boy scouts some legal responsibility to adhere to government rules and regulations, specifically, non-discrimination. So, how can they get away with this?

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This issue is not going away and the Boy Scouts must be squirming by now. This rally for Ryan just proves that there are some current and former scouts who take their duty to one another seriously. All this religious bigotry makes the organization look terrible and until they change their ways I agree with Colin, they need to lose any tax exempt status and be made to pay their way. Will that hurt scouting? Yes it will, but this is far worse.

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No less than filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who was an Eagle Scout when he was a filmmaker and contributed millions to Scouting over the years, completely withdrew his support and denounced the organization about ten years ago when the gay controversy first came up. He did this to support fellow Dreamworks founder David Geffen, who has long fought against homophobia, especially involving young people.

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Here's an article in Diablo Magazine that updates what's going on with Ryan. It also tells how he had his registration in the Boy Scouts of America revoked immediately.


Do the Boy Scouts of America hate gays that much? Damn right they do! It's been okay for straight Scout leaders to have sex with young boys under their charge, but they sure won't let any faggots join the Scouts and they'll kick out any they find that got in under their gaydar... oops, make that radar.

Colin :icon_geek:

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