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Reality and the right wing in American politics

Chris James

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Leonard is a smart man...something I have known for years. His earliest columns affected me because we always seemed to understand the same truth. I am not given to posting my thoughts in newspapers, but I had to write and tell this man he spoke for me...and he wrote back.

When a busy journalist takes the time to reply it encourages the dialogue, and so I have shared my thoughts with him on many occasions....and he replies. Today's discourse runs a remarkable parallel to what I have been thinking lately so I thought to share. Leonard always says it better than I ever could:


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I saw that column in my own paper this morning. Leonard Pitts has got it right. The view of America from within the gated community is quite different from what can be viewed from the cardboard box in the alley. The streets seen from behind the limousine's smoked glass windows are not the same streets the homeless and the destitute must navigate each day. We may all live in the same country, but we do not all share the same countryside.

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