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New voting booths for Florida this year


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Thanks, EJ...but the truth is not funny at all:

My parents voted here in Florida early this month by absentee ballot since neither of them could handle the mess at a polling place, it gets like that when you are 90+. The announcement the following week that the ballot forms were flawed didn't suprise me in the least, this is Florida after all, land of hanging chads and corrupt politics.

It seems they left several headings off the absentee paper ballots which means a machine cannot read them properly. The solution seems worse than the problem and fraught with issues. They plan to copy each flawed form onto a correct form so the machine can read it. Is anyone besides me slightly curious about the idiot that came up with this solution?

I would think an independent accounting firm could be hired to tabulate each form's results. I would suggest obtaining the accountants from India since they would have no stake in the outcome. The voting process is strictly math, and yet I doubt it the political process here can even count...unless it is the dollars they slide into their illegal offshore bank accounts.

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