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A thankful shout-out

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This seems an appropriate time to announce another AD change in 2023.  Rutabaga has taken on the task of improving the appearance of many of my stories, making them happier to the eye and easier for the reader.   So far he's done a marvelous job with about 20 of my stories, many of them the older ones on my ledger.  His work continues.  My appreciation is over the top.





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I'm impressed! I did a complete makeover of my own portion of the site a few years ago and so I know just what that involves. It's a lot of work but the rewards are significant. With style sheets, future changes can be implemented fairly quickly, site-wide. When I first started writing, nearly all my web-based reading was done on my computer. I think that was true for all of us. Now, I do most of my reading on my smartphone and as a result, tend to avoid sites that aren't easy to read on my phone. The "Reader View" helps to get around that limitation, but it's not the same as reading a story that's designed to look good on any device.

Kudos to Rutabaga for taking this on! When He was Five looks great, as does Eighth Grade. I can't wait to see how Duck Duck Goose and Distorted Perspectives look after Rutabaga does his magic with them.

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