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Sci-fi & fantasy - creative writing course


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If you've ever wanted to write sci-fi or fantasy you should watch Brandon Sanderson's 2012 creative writing course. Sanderson wrote 'Elantris' and has just finished the last book of 'The Wheel of Time.'

The entire course of 13 lectures has been filmed and put on-line. It's well worth watching even if you don't write sci-fi or fantasy.

CLICK HERE :icon_thumleft:

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Just finished reading Sanderson's "The Alloy of Law" which is a wonderfully inventive stand-alone followup to the Mistborn trilogy, set 300 years beyond that era and well into a steampunk setting. Sanderson's creative and endlessly detailed world-building skills, fascinating characters, and narrative ease underscore the value of any course like this he offers. And this one is free!

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Guest Dabeagle

I used to enjoy the tapestry of the WoT series, even though I heartily agreed that the author had diarrhea of the word processor. I dropped the series upon hearing that Brandon Sanderson, LDS Church member, advocate and anti-gay bigot would be writing the ending.

He's partially recanted, something that can be found on his site through simple search. In it he offers the usual non apology 'if anyone was offended'. I'll pass on anything he writes - I obviously won't see he or OSC in what passes for LDS heaven.

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