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Our First Thanksgiving by Colin Kelly


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I think some of my stories fit "died in the wool romantic" (for example, read my stories Nightmare, The Dying Game, and Repugnance). I'd prefer to be thought of as a "dyed in the wool romantic" because it doesn't sound quite so terminal. I do like to write stories with a happy ending, though writing the occasional less saccharine story does help free up the cotton candy in my brain and lets me replace it with a few cobwebs as a welcome change in my mental scenery.

Of course, it's all for fun, just like this post.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I like to write about young gay kids in romantic situations...and here we have this "kid" named Colin writing a wonderful young adult romance story. Yeah, Colin, you might be the kid on the site, enjoy it while you can, it won't last forever.

This story hits all the right buttons for me. Family relations, good and bad, misunderstandings, and then a resolution with loving gestures. Kudos, Colin, for a great romantic story and the cooking lessons. Count on a gay man to know all about how to cook a turkey.

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