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I Danced With Unicorns

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Hi everyone. This is Tim. Codey wrote this last night and today and I just typed it up for him and am posting it for him. I hope I'm doing this right or I'm in deep crap. lol


I Danced With Unicorns

a poem by Codey

While walking thru the woods one night,

I happened, purely by chance,

to come upon a clearing,

a place where the unicorns dance.

I stood in awed amazement

at this wondrous, glorious sight.

Not even daring to breathe,

lest they run away in fright.

Forming circles within circles,

they gathered in silent formation.

Each knew exactly where he belonged

and took his place without hesitation.

In the outer ring, there was a space

and they turned and looked at me.

On their faces, were looks of questioning,

as if giving a silent plea.

Unsure of their intentions,

I advanced with trepidation,

not sure if their looks were warnings,

or truly an invitation.

I took the place in the outer ring

and I felt a sense of welcome

and then within my mind and soul,

I heard the beat of a drum.

The circles slowly began to move,

each in an opposite direction.

Each movement timed to the beat of the drums,

and performed in tight synchronization.

We circled around the axis

but changed direction with each revolution,

catching glimpses of each past and future

and visions of each new evolution.

We danced the dance of the needy

and the dance for those oppressed.

We danced for those who live without hope

with the fervor of beings possessed.

We danced the dance of time before time

and the dance of times yet to be.

We danced the dance of creation,

then we danced the dance of me.

I felt all existence shifting,

like a wave beneath my feet,

as all that is was being erased

and time began to repeat.

I saw the stars falling from the sky

and new stars being created.

I saw the moon and our oceans

and knew all was interrelated.

I felt the pounding of our hearts

and heard the screaming of our souls,

at the death and rebirth of all that we are,

at the pain of being made whole.

As we moved in frenzied circles,

my soul became entranced.

My heart slowly filled with joy and love,

as I, with the unicorns, danced.

We fell in utter exhaustion,

at the ending of the dance,

and the drum beat slowly fading,

released us from our trance.

They slowly recovered and slipped away,

with no good-bye or backward glance,

and I know, in my heart, that all will be well

as long as the unicorns dance.

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Thanks guys. This was of those poems that grabbed me by the neck, lifted me off the ground and penned me to the wall until I got it written. I'm afraid I was a bit of an ass to some people around me while it was being written but elecivil gave me permission to be a little weird because I'm a poet. lol


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Amazing. Just amazing.

I'd like to think there's a unicorn dance for all of us, that somehow we all fit in circles tangent to one another, maybe shifting from dance to dance, to spirit-dance the world into being, into wholeness.

There's music, singing, and dancing. Let's join in, shout, and laugh, and weep, and laugh again, and shape the future into the now.

So, if we ever meet a unicorn, we should ask to dance? Seems like a fine idea to me.

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