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DARK PRINCE by David MacMillan

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This story is awesome, please go read it. The Dude made me and I'm so glad he did, despite how I never seem to have time to read everything I want to. This is a great story, lots of romance and sex, great historical stuff but even better current events.

Synopsis: 170-year-old Austrian Prince Karl Josef Gustav, Karli, our narrator vampire, awakes in 2004 with a problem: how to find his lost true love, who is surely reincarnated (again) after a fatal encounter with the SS in wartime Germany. En route, Karli picks up hottie hustler Emil Paulik from a Zurich park for a little nighttime fun but gets much more than he bargained for-as does Emil. Karli, the mortal Emil at his side, follows his lost love to a United States overrun by fascisti Christian fundamentalists whose uniformed street brawlers remind him disturbingly of Berlin between the wars. Will Karl reunite with his reborn true love? And will Emil choose to become a vampire? Will America become the new Nazi state? What can an Austrian vampire in Georgetown do to thwart the plans of fanatics high in the American government and military?

Read Dark Prince to find out...linked front and center on AwesomeDude's homepage.



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Hehehehe. Wow. The story of a vampire who was, and still is, a prince of the Holy Roman Empire. I soo like the glittering background of Imperial and Royal Europe as well as American high politics. All those self-righteous people and their vision of a New World Order. Religion is fine, but fanaticism is always bad, even if it started innocently enough. Not that I suggest the bashing of gays as innocent. I'd like to recommend a book by Allen Drury called "To Serve and Protect", it's about backroom political double-dealing. It's the finest book of it's kind I ever read about contemporary American politics.

I assume you're European. F?rst von Maribor. Prince of Maribor. Hmmmm. Grand Duke Sergei and Father W?rther. Two very different personalities. Okay, I totally hate death of characters when I already have the time to get to know them. Dunno, I feel cheated somehow. At first I regretted that you killed W?rther, but I was delighted when I read the story of Sergei and how he re-incarnated into W?rther. Hehehehehe. Now I know the personalities didn't die and it helped to reconcile myself. You really did good in story-telling, especially the emotional aspect. I really like how you describe the emotions between Karl and Sergei.

Excuse me, I thought that Russian Capital was changed to Petrograd only in 1914 ? In 1872 it should still be St. Petersburg.. Could you explain this? Sergei..... beautiful, secretive, sensual and always mysterious. Wow.... Eventhough the time with him was short, I like that guy :) Especially when he came back and took control of Thomas' body and spoke to Emil as commoner. Hehehehehe. Too bad he died. Well, at least he didn't see his family's fall from power. Chancellor Dollfu?, tell me, do you like history? Because it seems to me that you do.

Karl von Mariborg. his love affairs with Sergei, W?rther, Emil and.... Whew. I love each and everyone of his loves. You made me to :) Emil, poor, adventurous and above all, loves Karl to death. Even if he realized that Karl still thought of Sergei and his incarnation as supreme love. How he taught himself to love Karl. How Karl learned to love Emil. How he decided that he can love Emil as much a he loved Sergei and his incarnations. Though of all Sergei's incarnations, I found that W?rther is the least talked about. Sergei is always dominant. Emil and Karl. Their days at Zurich, their trip to the US and everything they did. I dunno. I still think that Emil is the real lover for Karl here. Because Thomas took a kinda long time to decide.

Whew! he's very good in describing the minute-by-minute plan of the fanatics to destabilized and took control of the US. I felt like I was reading a cross between a sci-fi and a thrilling espionage story! Karl and Emil, again, their life in that sumptuous house in agay-friendly area and in constant watch by that devious Davis Trellum. Emil and his strugle to accept that he could be cruel and ruthles too. Also how Karl, Emil, Sergei and Thomas debated the philosophic end of their actions. Is it oreferable to kill these men before they erect their reign of terror. Do the killings acceptable. Wow. I stood with Karl in almost all of that. After all he had seen first-hand what the SS could do. Oh, the Christian group and their new and updated Hitler Jugend.

Really, I felt like I want to shake some common-sense in Tom. His way of thinking is so naive. Karl spoke common sense, but Tom, well he's an idealist I suppose. Tom is so....innocence is his thinking about heavy political affairs. Though I do agree that killing someone for their political belief is unaccepatable. Especially the one at Idaho. I mean, there is a line between thinking and speaking -that should not be punishable, ideally- and actually planning and/or carrying out action -which should be dealt with severely. as is the case with General Howell. Poor Tom. Trapped between his beliefs as a naive American and men who knew what should be done regradless if blood should be shed. He's insecure too. Knowing that Sergei is with him and that he thought all Karl wanted was Sergei. Karl really did some thinking huh? Sergei too. I'm glad Sergei did not dissappear but would still come out. But overall this world is for Karl, Emil and Tom....

Well, that's all! :)

Cheers! :-D


N.B : Hey Joey! did you get my mails ?

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I wanted to reread another David MacMillan story which a friend had reminded me of. When I went to his list of stories, I saw this one, which I had not read. So read it. Highly enjoyable. It is also a warning of what could easily happen. If you have not read it, I suggest you should.

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