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Story Search Help Please

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I am lookin for 2 particular stories that I read quite a few years ago....

The first story is about a young New York guy who agrees to meet a guy he is chatting with. The guy is wealthy and they end up partners and out west.. I think Las Vegas area. They also adopt several runaway gay boys and also start a home for runaway guys. This story is not Castaway Hotel.... One of the adopted boys is a guy named Douglas who is in a wheelchair due to spinal problems. I also know that a crazy type guy plants explosives around their house but they find them in time... I cannot find this story and very much would love to read it again.

The second story is about a guy who has lost his family and has buddies in college... Two of them are Japanese twins.. and the main guy falls in love with a tall Japanese guy who is named Hiro... While skiing one of Hiro's former buddies attacks the main guy with a snowboard messing up his knees...

If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. I lost the story links when my laptop died .... lol

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I'm sure I know the second one, time will tell if I can pull it out of my hat. I've got a notebook somewhere...and the first one rings some bells, too. I read a couple hundred stories when I first arrived, and get excited when I see someone is searching for a particular one.

No promises, but it's going to be some fun looking, so thanks for asking!


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Jumping Over My Mountain! That's the one I was thinking of, though I read Ms. Chin on Gay Authors and would never have found it. Thanks TBear! :hug:

The other I do not know, the story or the author, but I don't think I know the other one you're looking for, just some things along the same line. :spank:

Obviously, you should not give up hope.


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