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Time for Christmas Music

Chris James

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I am not a Christian but my attraction to this video probably has little to do with the reason behind the holiday. His voice is seductive and the rest of him ain't so bad either!

Add some of your own holiday favorites if you so desire. Good music is always welcome and I am sure you have something to share.

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Yeah.. well he's cute but that ain't Christmas music.

I watched the video but kept the sound to SiriusXM's Channel 75 where I listen to my Christmas music.

Last year I had the real music of Christmas streaming on AwesomeDude Radio and got 0 listeners during the week.

Guess there's no market for that kind of stuff in our community.

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Oh my God! That IS my favorite of all time and so well done by Libera. It brought tears to my eyes... a long retired choir boy. That's from Libera's Christmas Album... gonna run to see if Amazon.com has it.

Thanks, Chris!

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Yes! I wish everyone would buy the album and support the choir. The album came out last year, and yet it is still their newest. Once the spring tour season ends I expect they will go back in the studio and record once again. That is the only way we get to hear the latest lineup of soloists since the voices we hear on this album have probably changed and it is time for the new crop to stand up.

This is my favorite from the Christmas album. I sang this in choir myself at age twelve, Mike...such good memories. One of the wonderful things about Libera are the musical arrangements written by Robert Prizeman their director who knows how to make the boys sound their best. Enjoy!

(The soloist you hear is the boy on the album cover standing to the far right, Daniel Fontanna)

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Tears come naturally with some of their music, Cole. I have six of their albums and there is something from each one of them that affects me so deeply I cry.

Libera has toured North America several times, but always at least a thousand miles from where I sit. Seeing them perform live is on my bucket list and being an optimist I will see them at some point even if I have to drag myself to London. :smile:

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