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Chuck Palahniuk - Guts


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Chuck Palahnuik wrote Fight Club, a very successful novel that was made into a very successful film (Brad Pitt and Edward Norton). So, today I was wandering the net--as you do--and came across his site. As I haven't read any of his work I thought--a rarity--that I'd read one of his short stories. I've no idea why I picked the one I did, but I thought I'd share it with you all.

I won't say anymore as that would ruin the surprise. Without further ado, here is Chuck Palahnuik's 'Guts.'

Umm ... it's probably best not to read this just before lunch. :icon_thumleft:

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Um, well. Okay. I'm about a third of the way through the story, and I have to say to Colin, "Never mind. I know how you meant it." I will, however, steel myself, not as the one character did, though, and carry on to the end, out of respect to Camy!

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Did anyone expect that something printed in Playboy magazine would be literary gold? I'm sure stories like this serve to feed some of their readers, but I found it disgusting. As if the photos which often end up in the hands of drooling teenagers isn't enough, we now have this. I don't care if this author wrote Fight Club, that is also a piece of crap.

I see no purpose in posting this dreck except to encourage inexperienced masturbators to try dangerous things. How would we feel if one of the major gun magazines ran a story about the thrills of playing Russian roulette with Daddy's pistol? Sick is just a mildly descriptive word I would apply to this story, I'm sorry I read it.

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I had some adventures in swimming pools as a kid growing up in Florida. But I knew better than to get too close to drains. (And I was a champion swimmer for about 7 years and could hold my breath underwater for almost 4 minutes.)

To me, it's a cautionary tale about how something done casually, on impulse, can have horrendous consequences. When I think of the crazy risks and chances I took when I was a kid... it's a miracle I'm alive at all, 40 years later.

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