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Words on the World's End

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So it's 2 minutes after 1AM, which should leave enough time for the end of the world to reveal, at least, its beginning.

But no, there's no earthquake, flaring of the sun exploding into a supernova, or an asteroid racing to collide with the Earth.

The nearest things we have to a world disaster, apart from the religious bigotry against same sex marriage, are the political corruptions and economic greed of the conservatives forces someone elected.

But hey, maybe the Mayan calendar doesn't end until the Earth aligns with the Mayan temple.

Please post your experience of the world's end so that we can compile all the moments into a new book called Awesome Endings.

Avoid the rush, Apocolypse Now, or not...

Hark, what is that bright light on yonder star? Oh nothing to worry about, it's Christmas, or Santa, or maybe it's the sunrise on the 22nd December. Ho hum.

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Please post your experience of the world's end so that we can compile all the moments into a new book called Awesome Endings.

Now that's downright ridiculous! Who can publish it? Who can read it? We'll all be in the hereafter where books would be free but there aren't any because everyone communicates through mental telepathy and so stories are read in the authors' minds without need for destroying forests. Don't you know anything?


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There is a lot of humor in this end of the world nonsense, we'll be seeing a lot of it on the late night talk shows come December 22nd. Perhaps the latest is that 30 schools in the state of Michigan have closed two days early because of the prediction. I imagine the good Christian majority who caused that to happen should go take a serious look in the mirror. What utter nonsense. This is after all a pagan Mayan prophecy they are scared of...I have to laugh.

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To celebrate the end of the world tonight at work, I watched the 1964 movie Fail Safe, with Henry Fonda as the President, Larry Hagman as the Russian interpreter, and Walter Matthau as the Henry Kissinger character. I remember having nightmares for days after watching on TV as a kid over the scene where the American Ambassador in Moscow is on the telephone with the President and says, "I hear the planes! I see the light!...." and then the telephone screeches as it melts.

Well, Happy Apocalypse Everyone!

(I should have watched Strangelove! I've been wondering about my precious bodily fluids.)

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Too late, we stopped doing anything years ago. Apathy is our national pastime. We don't even care if others disapprove.

No one takes any notice of anything we say or do, anyway, so why should we fake not having an orgasm in order to freak the rest of the world out that the end is not only nigh, but has actually come and gone?

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