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The Rising Tide by Amy Lane - First in the Luck Mechanics series

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"The Rising Tide" is the start of a new series, "The Luck Mechanics", from Amy Lane. It is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.
Before I go onto review the book, just a couple of criticisms I need to get out of the way first.
For a start, it could have done with a second or maybe third edit. In the first part of the book, there were points where sentences just did not make sense. There seemed to be the odd word missing. Maybe American English and English have departed far enough that some constructs are not needed in the one that are in the other. However, my experience has been that it is the other way around, that it is English who are dropping words that can be implied from their sentences. I know I am. Strangely enough in the first couple of chapters and in later chapters, it does not occur.
The second thing is do not buy the paperback book. It is available both as an eBook and a paperback version. The inside margins are far too narrow on the paperback version which makes reading the end or start of lines difficult at times. This is not a problem that you will experience with the eBook version.
Having made those points, what about the review? Well, Amy Lane seldom disappoints and she has not done so this time.
Take a tidal archipelago island, Spinner's Drift, that is a refuge for misfits, particularly those who are being chased by somebody. Add to that Scout Quintero, a wizard who is banished from the family compound by his father because he is gay and who is now being chased by his father, because he rescued his sister from the father's control. To that, you can mix in Lucky, who is being chased by gangsters because he is, lucky.
The island is a safe place for both of them, but it has its own dangers and its own magic. Magic that brings Lucky and Scout together. A danger that they need to confront. One arising from the great love that was long in the past.
The island works its own magic on Scout and Lucky, who despite his fear of attachment, finds himself falling for Scout.
This is a well-crafted story, well-told. Lane's magical world is logical within its own terms. The scenes of gay sex are handled well and fit within the story; they are not there just for titillation. Though they are titillating. I can well recommend this gay romance and can't wait to read the next volume in the series.
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