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Soldiers in Gay Pride March


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That's the reverse situation we had here in Melbourne a few years ago where the police commissioner herself marched in uniform in our gay pride march. The main criticism that I've read here is that the police were paid while marching, rather than it being an out-of-hours activity.

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I am not sure my dads would march in a gay-pride parade in uniform. Both of them are more conservative about the wearing of their uniforms. It is not that they are adverse to anyone knowing they are gay, but more about the uniform's representation. Maybe it is a tradition thing.

Then again, my dads are not the demonstrating types... more of the doing-types.

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Maybe it's more of a respect thing. They may not want to disrepect the uniform they earned by being in a parade. Do they advertise it? I doubt it but there are gays in the military, every branch but thier thinking is most likely disrespecting it by using it in a parade.

Too bad I didn't know you a few years ago. I would've altered my drive to New Orleans to meet them and shake their hand.

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Paul and Lugnutz, remember the situation is different in Australia. In the USA, DADT has just recently been repealed, but in Australia it was 20 years ago that the military scrapped any rules regarding gays serving. For us, gays in the military is not controversial.

Having said that, there's still respecting the uniform issue you've raised. Which is why an official sanction to march in uniform is another step forward :) It's saying that the military supports gay rights, not just tolerating their existence.

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