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7.2% of US Adults Identify as LGBTQ

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More and more Americans identify as LGBTQ

The percent of U.S. adults who identify as something other than heterosexual has doubled over the last 10 years, from 3.5 percent in 2012 to 7.1 percent, according to a Gallup poll released Thursday.

Even more striking is the differences among our “generations”: more than 1 in 5, or 21 percent, of Generation Z adults identify as LGBTQ, Gallup found. That’s almost double the proportion of millennials, who are 26 to 41, at 10.5 percent, and nearly five times the proportion of Generation X, who are 42 to 57, at 4.2 percent. Less than 3 percent of baby boomers, who are 58 to 76, identify as LGBTQ, compared to just 0.8 percent of traditionalists, who are 77 or older.

If younger Americans continue to come out at increasing rates, Gallup predicts the proportion of adults who identify as LGBTQ will exceed 10 percent in the near future (from NBC News).  https://news.gallup.com/poll/470708/lgbt-identification-steady.aspx


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Quite obviously there aren't more homosexuals now that before.  It's just the society  has changed its view, has become more accepting, and so more people are willing it admit who they are, to be able to stop hiding.  Isn't it great to be living in the time when this is happening?  To be part of a grand societal awakening?  When I was born, much of society wouldn't even admit that homosexuality existed.  They said people chose to be with the same gender and these perverted people were mentally deranged.  I grew up with that and lived with it for most of my life.  Only lately, beginning with the politically correct movement, has society as a whole changed it's attitude.

I don't think it would be entirely incorrect, or conceited, to say that our writing and other sites like ours have had just a tiny bit of help in this.  Disseminating these stories in the 1950s would have been unheard of.  Now they're part and parcel of the information our kids can obtain.

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