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Topic: gay family

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That was wonderful. I opened it up on YouTube so I could view it full-screen, then woke up Doug and Steve; Chris was still awake, and I made them all come into our computer room and watch this video. It was wonderful for them, seeing it for the first time. It was wonderful for me, seeing it for the second time. They insisted that I play it again, and again. We all had tears in our eyes or running down our cheeks. This is a wonderful video, full of fear and full of surprise and full of joy. We loved it, at two a.m. in the morning when we all should have been in bed asleep, cuddling with our partner. It was worth being up too late and seeing this video; it was worth to be wakened, and all four of us went back to bed with a better appreciation for our partner.

Thank you Chris. You made the four of us very happy and very appreciative.

Good night.

Colin :icon_geek:

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You might know I'd come late to discovering the talents of this young man, it seems he's been around a good while now. Where was I? Head in the clouds perhaps. It seems he's right in your backyard, Colin. Maybe you can catch a live performance.

There's a lot more of his work on YouTube, but here's an intro to what he's all about:


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Whoa! I didn't realize he went to Berkeley High and had performed at ProArts. I'll see if he's going to be there again, and I'll check the Poetry Slams in the area to see if he's performing. I'll also check out his YouTube vids.

Thanks for the information, Chris. You've scored a double-double on this topic!

Colin :icon_geek:

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