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Glorious Day

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I know this is a personal topic, but I feel so strongly about this that I wanted to share it with everyone.

I am having an absolutely glorious day and I have been having nice days for quite a while now. And, the main reason is that Cole Parker and Dude kicked me in the ass and told me to start writing again. For so long, in so many ways, I have isolated and withdrawn from the world. I used to go dancing every night, I went to movies, to the Ballet, the Opera, and the Philharmonic. I had a life. And, then, my friends died or moved, I started working overnight, I quit drinking and smoking pot and... well, I became a hermit and a misanthrope. Since Dance of the Wicked Boys was posted, I have gotten so much email and so many compliments that it has sort of slapped my face. I am so profoundly grateful and it has affected all aspects of my life.

Today, the sun is out, though it's cold as all get out (a good, Okie-ism). I am sitting in a place called the Gypsy Tearoom. It's in the warehouse arts district, where developers and hippies took old warehouses and turned them into lofts, galleries, restaurants, and clubs. The Gypsy is sort of like the old Beat Generation hangouts, lots of really interesting people... and free WiFi! I heard a song from Foster the People and since I brought both my laptop and my tablet with me, I looked it up on Pandora and now--- I have discovered MUSIC. I quit listening to contemporary music toward the end of the last century and just lived in classical, sixties jazz, and seventies pop. But, today, I have poked my head up out my hole (or I could say I pulled my head out of my ass) and discovered... wow. There has been some really good music produced over the last ten or fifteen years! Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, The Verve, Foster the People, Passion Pit... Wow. Who knew?

So, I just wanted to comment about how I am suddenly waking up and realizing that there really is a lot out there to enjoy and do and write about. I might even write a story that actually takes place in this century! (Oh, and I have begun writing the sequel to Dance, actually its more a continuation). Thanks Cole, Mike, and everyone at the Awesome Dude community. You've helped me rediscover life.

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We often forget that while writing to entertain the readers, and give them something moving and insightful, that authors are also greatly affected. You have just posted something grand, and it leaves us with no doubt that you are passionate on the subject of dance. So if the sun seems brighter, the air fresher, give yourself some credit for opening your heart and mind through this story. Life needs the occasional renewal, a deep breath, a sigh. I agree with Cole, welcome back.

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Congrats, F.T.! I agree -- I hang out with a lot of people (online and in my personal life) who only like the music of the 1960s and 1970s, and while that's probably the center of my life, I've always felt there's good music in every era... even today. I'm always excited when I discover a contemporary song or artist that gives me hope that good singing and good songwriting are not yet dead, and that I'm not so old that I can't enjoy something new once in awhile.

Coldplay is among the few groups I can stand today, and they consistently do some pretty good stuff. Their song "Clocks" from about ten years ago (featured in the trailers but not the 2002 film Peter Pan) is high on my list of stuff from the last decade, as is "Viva La Vida" from just a few years ago.

I agree, music is one of the things that can help you survive and help get you through the day. Just having music to lean on is a big help. And we're all glad to see you up and around and doing well.

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Your ability to see into your situation and set it right is awesome (oops, sorry). No seriously it is. So many of us need a kick in the ass from time to time, and the guys here are good at it. I personally got a tremendous lift from The Dance and to know that it did the same for the author gives it a special feel now. So as the guys say... welcome back, and keep writing, we need more of your output to make us feel as up as you are.

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