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11-year-old Bullied Gay Kid Brings Knife to School

The Pecman

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Very interesting story from an area that The Dude and I each used to live near, back in the 1960s (and the 1970s, for me):

Fifth Grader Bullied for ‘Gay Tendencies’

Brings Butcher Knife to School


Police in Winter Haven, Florida, are investigating the circumstances that led an 11-year-old boy to bring a butcher knife to school inside his Scooby-Doo bookbinder.

The knife was noticed by the fifth grader's classmates at Inwood Elementary School because the eight-inch knife was too large for the binder and was reportedly sticking out.

According to his family, the boy was being targeted by bullies for "gay tendencies," and was seeking to defend himself.

Both police and the school district are challenging the family's claim that administrators knew about the bullying problem but did nothing.

"Right now there is nothing on file with the school that she has been told of of any bullying. But there will be more interviews done to find out," Capt. David Brannan told ABC Action News.

An investigation is also ongoing into whether the boy made any direct threats, but the school insists no student was ever in danger.


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I'm torn on this, because I have no doubt how cruel kids can be (especially in a one-horse hick Florida town like Winter Haven), but violence is clearly not the answer. I don't care how effeminate a kid is, shoving him around simply shouldn't be allowed, and the school officials should be keeping a much closer eye on situations like this.

I'm reminded of the incident in Riverside, California, where a straight 14-year-old shot a (very effeminate) gay kid, who had come on to him a couple of times, murdering him with two shots in the back of the head, execution-style, right in the middle of a classroom. So that's the other side of excessive violence in school.

I have no answers for these problems except to educate kids, students, and school officials that they have to practice tolerance at all levels, and just leave people the F alone. When people are pushed too far -- and that means gay kids, straight kids, and anybody else who's tormented on any level -- bad things can and will happen.

BTW, in my old elementary school, I would've been punched just for carrying a notebook that weird and ugly. (Only a partial joke.)

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