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Windows 8 upgrade


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Just a swift heads up.

If you're thinking of upgrading to windows 8 Pro (from XP, Vista, or Windows 7) do it before the end of January.

Before the end of January you can upgrade for less than $30. After January the price rockets to over $150. Also-if you're upgrading-remember that it's probably Windows 8 Pro that you want. Windows 8 RT is the tablet version and won't run a desktop, or legacy software.

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Come what may, I have no intention of going through the hell of another Windows installation, unless they announce a return to something us old people can actually understand.

In the meantime I am sending smoke signals and waiting for the reply via jungle drums.

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I hope not to encounter the horrors of another Windows operating system until I have to replace my PC. Even then a few dollars slid under the counter to the right technician will probably result in a change of programming back to Windows 7. The features of 8 don't attract me...old dog new tricks, you know how it is.

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There is a $5 (U.S.) program from Stardock called Start8 that essentially recreates the Windows 7 start button and setup. After installing that, I found Windows 8 quite user friendly and fast. The $40 upgrade price to Windows 8 pro is available until the end of the month.

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Classic Start Menu is a free program which allows you to choose Win Xp, W7, or W8 Start menus and also allows you to select/adjust other settings which are much more friendly.

Have a look at it here. I wouldn't want to be without it.

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I just heard an hour-long program from noted industry pundit Leo Laporte, and he's already proclaimed Windows 8 to be a failure, and that Microsoft is panicking. He's telling friends, clients, and listeners to stick with Windows 7 -- which he calls "the best version of Windows ever."

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I think Leo has gone off the deep end. I've had Windows 8 running on my Acer i3 laptop since it was released, and I love it. I normally use the classical interface, and it's basically Windows 7 but is significantly faster and more stable. I'm so impressed I bought an upgrade copy for my desktop which I'll install real soon now. My laptop install was straightforward and flawless (once I uninstalled the Acer Bluetooth utility, which isn't Win8 compatible), the easiest Windows upgrade install I've ever used..

Like Des, I use Classic Start Menu as well.

Colin :icon_geek:

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