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Read it I did! Another heartwarming story from Mihangel filled with delightful characters and sentiments. Along with his coming of age story Mihangel has given us a view of Wales that could only come from the author's heart.

Despite the unfamilar use of the Welsh language in so many passages it was also instructive because of the translations provided. Once I abandoned the desire to pronounce all those beautiful words the story rolled on across the mountains and valleys that seem to define Welsh life. Where else do you find a dear neighbor with a four hundred year old home?

This is story to be read when the reader has plenty of time to let the imaging engage the mind. Perhaps a cup of tea or a snifter of brandy to keep you company, but read it you must.

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Beautiful writing, beautiful story.

You guys had me leery of reading it, scaring me that it was too full of Welsh language and words. I've stumbled on stories of that kind before and left them unfinished. But the scare was entirely unfounded here. Any Welsh in this story was brief and well-explained and in fact supported the story rather than mystifyed the reader.

A story for the ages, to be treasured and read again as time passes.


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What a wonderful story! I loved the Welsh settings and language incorporated in the story. I loved the way Dino and Stan related to each other, and how Stan was willing to wait out Dino's reticence to show his feelings. Dino was lucky to have people who supported him in a subtle manner that finally let everything click so he could accept who he is.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Thanks for the kind words, and especially for those about the location. It seems right to me to use the setting almost as another interacting character, because the place where you live and move is likely to influence your thoughts and deeds. So here: the terrain and the land-use and the climate of a valley like Cwm Croesor - which I've known and loved for 60 years - can't help but shape its inhabitants.

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I am wrung out like a spent dish cloth. I have just finished Amser, having read it at a sitting and am reeling from the emotions it has stirred. This is a beautiful story, steeped in its rugged locations, peopled with real characters from a bygone age when things were different, and rural folk were not much concerned with the mores of city dwellers, but got on with their own lives with the considerable support of their communities.

I'm not sure I've ever read anything quite like Amser and I'll certainly be reading it again before very long. It's well-crafted, well-plotted, well-written and enthralling from start to finish, and it reached my heart and held it fast throughout. It helped that I know the North Wales locations slightly and can hear the lilt of the accent and the language without difficulty, and Dino is a character so attractive, with all his reticence and buttoned-up emotions, that I was spellbound.

I think this story deserves an award, so for lack of any better idea I'm presumptuously awarding it my Badge of Honour for superb historical romance.

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Like Bruin, I just read this whole wonderful story this evening in one sitting, and my tears haven't quite dried up yet as I type this.

An absolutely wonderful story. The setting was so well drawn that I could see every nuance, feel the wind and the rain. The characters so real I'm yet hoping for news on their lives afterwards if I just search well enough.

Thank you for writing this. Bravo and well done.

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