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A Shade of Beige

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What is it like to be so isolated, so without normal human contact, that you are totally clueless? What is it like to feel your way, stumbling as though blind, without direction? What is it like to be invisible--to want to be invisible?

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I think I might be able to partially answer Merkin's question... but I don't think I could bear to be quite so naked.

The mental arithmetic ability and hidden intelligence of Barry suggests mild autism... and i think that Barry's isolation and lack of ability to interpret the feelings and motives of those around him are brilliantly portrayed. I learned a lot about myself while reading this and I thank Philip for that.

Do read this... it is not only a very good short story, it may also give you clues about what is going on in the mind of that strange young man in the IT department. Give him a chance, he may only be weird, just not as weird as you thought.

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