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DOMA Co-author now supports Same-Sex Marriage

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Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, one of the House co-authors of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 now supports the repeal and hopes the Supreme Court will strike it down. His change of heart came after his son, a student at Yale, came out to him. As more and more right-wingers discover they have gay children or gay friends, opposition to gay rights is crumbling. What a shame it takes actually having a gay family member before these bigots "see the light." Of course, he still took the coward's way of doing so, declaring it should be up to the states. If it's a civil right, it's a national issue. Hell, it took Mississippi 147 years to ratify the constitutional amendment to outlaw slavery. Will it take them that long to ratify Same-Sex marriage?


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Holy shit, that poor kid. Imagine growing up gay knowing your dad created a law against your kind...

At least the dad has recognised the wrong he's done his son. I've always been of the opinion that the majority (thought not all) of anti-gay rhetoric is from ignorance, and this is a good example.

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I am always disgusted when reading about the Christian Right and their claim to own marriage. But of course they also claim to speak for their God so who am I to disagree. Somewhere in their absurd arguments they also claim to be family oriented (just don't say that to Freddy Phelps and his dissolving Westboro Baptist Church family).

So when someone like Rob Portman comes out in defense of his family: a gay son, a father's love, genuine parental support, the Christians are in shock. He has to be wrong, his son will die of AIDS. What kind of bullcookies response is this? So it is best to support marriage and family unless your kid happens to be gay...is that the Eleventh Commandment?

I should have more empathy for these misguided Christians, brainwashing is such a foul deed and is devastating their ranks. In some ways all the attention paid by the gay media only seems to encourage them to speak out with larger lies and spread greater foolishness. Think of all the time and money they are wasting on hate. If they so desire to be like Jesus I will put on my Roman centurion uniform and gladly offer to crucify any one of them. Now there's a media event for you.

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I have found, in speaking with my radical right family and others here in Okieland, that the fastest way to piss off a fundamentalist Republican is to ask, "What would Jesus do?" Nothing angers a fundamentalist more than facing his or her own hypocrisy.

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