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Beautiful Weather. Arggh!

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This is the first decent weekend of Spring. Seventy degrees, clear skies, and a lawn and flower beds demanding attention. I don't have an excuse to sit on my butt all afternoon and write gay adolescent romances. Bah. :stare:

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I thought Spring didn't officially start until March 21st! But as the meteorologists say, we've been having "Spring-like weather" for the last couple of weeks in LA. I often ignore the weather, but even I have to admit, we've had some beautiful days lately (like today).

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You guys in California have just been passing your good weather along to us in New Mexico. The weather patterns seem to move from the west and then go eastward, right through New Mexico.

We too seem to be having Spring like weather. So much so that my two peach trees have tons of 2" blossoms on them and leaves emerging. . But I hadn't pruned the trees yet! This warm weather has started their winter hibernation recovery too soon.

So guess what I had to do today. Yup, you guessed it.

I'm so sore.

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Cole neatly executes sweeping generalisation of the day. A bit rich coming from him! Not that I'm not flattered, of course...

No, I really mean it. I'm in awe with the way your sentences flow. There's a sophistication in your use of the language that makes mine, at least, seem almost raw.

Now if you could just stop using constructs like 'come through' and 'the back garden' and 'he had his tea', everything would be perfect.


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Oh, to be in England

Now that April's there,

And whoever wakes in England

Sees, some morning, unaware,

That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf

Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf,

While the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough

In England--now!!

--Robert Browning

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I'd take England over Oklahoma in a heartbeat! Ah... to stand on the cliffs of Dover, or walk along a country lane, to visit a small, village church, or stroll through Oxford or Cambridge. To stand in awe in a magnificent English cathedral or hear an English boys choir...

We have a gun show here this weekend and my hotel is full of those people. I'd happily take a cold, wet day in England in exchange!

And, Merkin, thank you for the Robert Browning! How appropriate!

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or hear an English boys choir...


"It's all very well 'ta-da'ing, Brian, but I can't see it. Anyone else?"

As the oldest, and their unofficial leader, David pushed to the front, knelt and examined. "Nope, sorry Brian. I can't see it either."

Glaring, Brian thrust his crotch out, catching David on the nose with his penis. He pointed. "There, are you blind, it's there!"

"Umm... nope. Sorry mate, not a pube in sight I'm afraid."

"Oh, bum!" The trebles could hear Brian was close to tears and pulled him into a hug.

"Cave!" The boys tumbled apart and by the time Old Dog, the choirmaster, came into the vestry, they had their cassocks on.

"Ready, chaps?"

"Yes sir," they chorused and, amid the coughs and rustles of the congregation, processed into the church.

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You're far too kind. I am but a windblown leaf compared to the forest that is Cole. :smile:

Apparently the weather is staying cold for at least another week: something to do with the jet stream being stuck too far south. 'tis a bummer.

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