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Antonio's Song

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I dedicate this to Ronnie Antonio Paris. If you are wondering where it came from, see Link>>

Antonio?s Song

In the beginning,

I used to be your little man.

Now you can?t stand me,

And I?m afraid of your hands.

Why do you hurt me?

What did I do wrong?

Why can?t I please you?

Does it make you feel strong?

I just can?t see,

I can?t understand,

How hurting me,

Is gonna make me a man.

What mistakes did I make?

What did I ever do to you?

Why don?t you love me anymore?

Why do the things that you do?

Daddy please don?t hit me,

I can?t take it anymore,

I know that it?s all my fault,

My heart is broken,

Cause you don?t love me anymore.

I will just close my eyes,

And slowly slip away,

Why did I have to die?

How can a three year old be gay?

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This was mine, from that same newstory. James had asked others to write on the subject back in the Green Room, I think, before the forums fell.


Can Boys Be Sugar?

Mommy, what are little boys made of?

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails,

She told him, and then she sighed,

That's what boys are made of.

Well, then, what are little girls made of?

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice,

She murmured, closing her eyes,

That's what girls are made of.

Mommy, Mommy, I know that it's true,

Cuz I can tell just by looking at you:

You make cookies sugar by

Rolling 'em in white sands

And make me stop hurting

By just touching with your hands; Mommy,

I want to be Sugar, too,

I want to be Nice - like you!

Mommy, can boys be Sugar?

Can boys be Spice?

Can boys twirl around and be

Everything Nice?

Can boys dress up and keep things neat?

Can boys walk softly, not stomping with their feet?

Can boys be pretty, can boys be kind?

Can boys be gentle with little bugs they find?

I bet I can do it, I betcha that I can,

I don't have to grow to be a Snake and Snail man;

I can be Sugar, I can be so very good,

I might be a Puppy Tail but only when I should!

Whatcha think, Mommy, is it gonna be that way?

If I try to be only Nice in all I do and say?

If I pray up to the angels, floating way above,

Could I be a better boy, a boy that Daddy'd love?

Mommy, why are you looking down,

Why won't you answer me?

Oh, Mommy, boys can be Sugar,

Just you wait and see.


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