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Gay footballer

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A very brave man! I have never been a fan of football, either kind, and so it appears to me that many of the players are very one dimensional. If the sport is the thing how can a top player be excluded for being gay? Big brave jocks afraid of a gay man? Homophobia is based upon mindless fear, it all seems so pointless to me.

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There are rumblings that one of the current American football players with the NFL is about to come out, and that would be a history-making event if that happened. I hope we're edging close to a time when people will say, "who the F cares?"

Howard Stern -- who normally is as dense as a post on this stuff -- said on his radio show last week, "the reality is, a lot of the guys who think a gay athlete would come on to them in a locker room are so ugly, no gay guy would ever even look at them." And that Howard got right. Too many straight people just assume gay guys are immediately going to be attracted to every naked guy in the locker room, which we know is far from the truth.

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