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Puppy Love by Cole Parker

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Just caught the start of this new one by Cole, and he gets it started with a rip-roaring opening. As god as my witness, by the end of the chapter, I had to get up and put on warmer clothing -- his description of the snow banks and cold mountain air were that good.


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Like most of us I always hesitate to begin reading a story that only has one chapter posted, but then this is a Cole Parker story. In all the years he has been writing and giving the readers such wonderful tales I have yet to be disappointed. I am assured there will be a good story and a great conclusion in there somewhere.

It takes a lot of effort to get into the hearts and minds of young characters and present them in realistic fashion. The boyish years are long past for most of us and the foolish ways of youth soon fade...unless you live in Cole's mind. A dose of memory, a good deal of imagination and a little conflict always seem to be part of the recipe, and so far this story has all of that. Looking forward to more! Good stuff, Cole.

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By now, I have it on good authority that Cole's one of those who never starts posting chapters until his whole entire story is finished, so it's safe to look at it like a serial. Until it's finished, there will be more excitement to look forward to, every Wed and Sat.

And it's definitely lived up to expectations so far.


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Trying my dead-level best not to throw in any spoilers, I guess all I can say about Puppy Love is: if you like reading good stories, then this is definitely one of them. Just go with the flow, okay?

Well, okay, I guess I can also say this. Right now, I'm a little over halfway through Dan Simmons' Summer of Night, a novel I'd not heard of until seeing it mentioned on one of the AD forums. I'm a little over halfway through, and A: I have to agree with Stephen King's blurb: that he SHOULD be in awe, only B: I have to keep reading and reading some more because by now, I also know that there are no guarantees, that even a character who seemed to be the most important can come to a bad end - not even halfway through the book!! - and having grown to like most of the boys in SoN very much, I'm wondering how many more are likely to survive the last 20 chapters, so with all that in mind... Puppy Love was a much-needed diversion. Can't think of a better way to start a rainy Sat morning.


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Goodness, what a delightful story. Puppies are cute but eventually they grow up, as did the main character in this story. The adults don't fare as well since Cole's plot introduces a good deal of misunderstanding in their minds. There is a serious thread of grief running through the story and the emotions run high because of it. But I enjoyed the resolution there at the end, and as always Cole leaves us with a smile. Well done story, it gets two woofs from me.

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To aid reading below, click and hold the left button on your mouse and scan over what is written:

Many thanks, guys. My purpose, writing this, other than to entertain was to write a story without an obvious gay motif and see if I could do it. The ambiguity it contains is intentional, especially at the end.

I expected to catch some grief from this, yet here, and in emails, all I'm getting is positive kudos. Go figure! But of course it delights me. Thanks so much.


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