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The End of Twilight a poem by Codey

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The End of Twilight

a poem by Codey

Morning arrives with a cry

as dawn breaks bright and clear,

birthing a day of promise,

an innocent not yet knowing fear.

A day unfettered by certainties,

born with a totally clean slate.

Bearing no innate prejudice

and a heart still free from hate.

But during the day things happen,

things with which we must cope,

or join with crowds of others

descending a slippery slope.

A slope that's iced with anger

and oiled by lies and deceit,

leading to a day of frustration,

a day, somehow, incomplete.

Confused by cacophonous noise

from a myriad of voices,

the day is slowly formed

from unnumbered choices.

Some choices good, some choices bad,

a lottery in a cosmic game.

But whoever makes the choice

must be willing to accept the blame.

Twilight whispers a warning

that soon the day will end,

leaving us with questions

but no answers we comprehend.

And tho, at the end of twilight,

all might be revealed,

by the end of twilight,

our fate is already sealed.

And then night falls.

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