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Youthful ignorance?

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I fully expect that social media will be the death of the civilized world one generation at a time. You would expect the old geezer generation to ignore such things as Facebook since most of them know how to write a letter and dial a telephone when they want to communicate. But even now some social media outlets are being shunned by younger generations as being too public. Too bad this young man didn't get the message sooner:


I suppose if you are a young gay man posting cuddly photos of boyfriends on Facebook you might expect some reactions, but from Mom? What, didn't he realize Mom was electronically spying on him? Hey, that's what Mom's do if you make it easy for them. Perhaps it was all for the best that she found out this way before the Westboro Baptist idiots started picketing in front of their house.

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It's strange for me to think of the effect my coming out would have had on my relationship with my mum, as she died before the advent of gay liberation.

I might as well consider her attitude towards my being an atheist. At least there, I'm reasonably certain she would have understood; she wasn't a church going woman herself, and subscribed to an individual relationship with god.

Her death was more important to my acceptance of myself as a free spirit in search of truth. Now that I am older I can see my failures and successes in my journey, but nothing can restore the opportunity to realise the fulfilment of being able to simply be who I was when I was 16, or 20, or 23; the law, the culture in which I lived and worked had made it impossible for me to be that truthful with myself, or others.

That may explain why, after the threat of criminality was removed from where I lived, that I became so fiercely , so brazenly...so openly gay, even in those days before Harvey Milk advised us to go public with our identity.

Now I see a further liberation to realise that no label is needed to establish, for each of us, the freedom to realise the expression of our human sexuality in all its myriad forms existing, as they do, in us all. None of us, young or old should ever need to hide who we are, or who we love. I know now that life is too short to hide that; too short not to explore the love that becomes the love of life itself. Such is the life of love.

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There was a comment on a BBC Radio programme last week that Privacy was a 20th Century phenomenon. Prior to the 20th Century you were either living in a semi-communial environment, often three or four families to a house, or you were surrounded by servants. Now with the 21st Century the intrusion of social networking and information gathering has again stripped the personal privacy we enjoyed in the 20th Century from us. Coming out of the Univerisity Library today I heard one young man say to another that he wish that the fact that he had been in a local pub last night had not been put up on Facebook as his mother had phoned up to ask why he was not packing for them to pick him up tomorrow.

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