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Internet Explorer 10 is the culprit!


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I wondered what everybody was talking about - not getting line spacing when creating posts in the AD Forums.

Then yesterday, I (foolishly)installed IE 10 and when I tried to post a reply in the Forums this morning, I found that hitting ENTER did not produce a line space.

Uninstalling IE 10 solved the problem!

Another headache from the folks who brought you such winners as ME, Vista and Windows 8!


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I hate to say this, he said timidly, but I think the forum software may be out of date.

I do notice that if I click on Toggle Editing Mode (not,My Media) on the top bar, I can get the line spaces -- and the insert web address features.

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Lug's right, for once. I think XP was the last decent one.


Nah, 7's good too.

Of course, good for me means "doesn't screw up my games" so it might suck in other ways I'd never have to deal with.

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The problem is caused by version 3.2.3 of IPBoard, not any browser. GA had the same problem until they updated IPB. I think the current version is 3.4.5.

Colin :icon_geek:

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