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Christian irony...

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My dog is bigger than your dog...remember that old taunt? Now Christian followers have a new one...My Jesus is better than your Jesus.

The absurdity of the positions stated in the following article are ironic only because we are talking church here, not football. Perhaps this is the strangest case of religious discrimination I have ever encountered.

However you view this it does nothing to show what some claim to be Christian ideals because this is just plain ignorant:


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It was certainly part of the reasoning behind the Establishment clause in the First Amendment, to stop religious demands (or worse) imposing a particular faith on The People.

Clearly,the idea was to inhibit the petty religious squabbles which could lead to disruption of the running of the State, and freedom from bigotry.

The right of dissent is the foundation of democracy and conditional membership in the society is thus never acceptable where it impinges on the human rights of an individual. The right to believe what you want is a human right, but forcing the belief on others is not; even when, especially when, the religion says it should be forced.

These primitive bonds to religious discriminations are nothing more than attempts to bypass the freedom of religion, including the freedom from religion.

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