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Mom’s Advice on How Bisexual Teenagers Should Live (1965)

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Mom’s Advice on How Bisexual Teenagers Should Live(1965)
Bi Janus

Sticks and stones
may break your bones,
but not their confusion.

They see you here,
they see you there,
your target always moving.

In Darwin’s joyous revolution,
survivors pressed by evolution,
you have no perverse bent.

So, stop your weepy whine.
Without dichotomy to define,
you have an enviable fate,
twice the chance of a Friday date.

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The marvellous poem reminds me of the sixties when it was quite common to hear, at one those of Friday night hippy parties, "Damn, the girls have all gone," and then looking at the nearest long haired beautiful male, he'd utter, "I'll have to go home with a guy tonight."

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Here' Woody's take: "I'm a practicing heterosexual, although bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night." Saturday night is a whole different ball game. The last lines refer to comment my mother made to me in 1965 when I was bemoaning my fate. Comments like that one are why I survived, along with Friday nights.

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