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Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

Apparently Canadian Thanksgiving is a time for pranks! And what better way to prank family, like your grandmother, by serenading them naked with a guitar over your twig and giggle berries?

Well, It works for Bieber I guess. What I want to know is...who posted these pictures from a FAMILY FUNCTION? I keep seeing Ed Rooney from Ferris Bueller after Ferris kisses Sloane...'So That's how it is in their family'.

You can see it all here.

Unlike Bieber, who I find irritating for a few reasons, I kind of like One Direction. I don't care for either of them, musically, but them I am notoriously slow about adopting new music. I do love how comfortable in their skins these guys are and play to their gay fanboys as well as the girls - and now we get to see one of their butts. I think his is better than Biebers, though I'll say the Canuck has some nice legs.

Oh, and Harry kissed another guy, here.

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